The college will teach you to stay where you're sitting
Like the bar's gonna teach you how not to treat women
Church is the last place I'd go get forgiven
The fun things in life are forbidden

Rich blonde girls drink lattes and take trips to countries
For photos of orphans to show everybody
You don't need salvation if you've got enough money
So I'll start saving my pennies honey

Now you know, you don't have to think everything that you're told
As above, so below

The liquor's no good for the ease of your mind
But the good stuff's been outlawed since '75
Let's meet north of Atlanta sometime later tonight
Cmon babe lets go get high

The mushrooms might help cure your brain of depression
One less corrupt doctor living in a mansion
Red blooded Jesus on the cross for expansion
Of blue collar white man opression

Now you know, you don't have to think everything that you're told
As above, so below

Can't talk to your dad about orientation
The porno's no place for sex education
You can't talk to your wife about mastrubation
So you visit some bitch on vacation

My black friend got shot for running a stop sign
When he reached for his insurance the cop killed him outright
That asshole from Stanford got released 'round the same time
It would make any decent man cry

Now you know, you don't have to think everything that you're told
As above, so below



The past and the future are swirling around in my head
If belief is emotion and trust is a choice we're all dead
I don't know how we'll fight world war three miss president
but the fourth will be with sticks and stones if we're not blown to bits

Harry Harlow that fucker put me and my dog in a cage
He said that you must die alone if you want to be great
But there's no amount of genius that I wouldn't trade
I think love might be greater than knowledge I won't isolate

Edward and I dropped some acid and swam up the stars
I saw the sun split the ocean and I didn't care
Who all was watching me stumble cause god met me there
Said son folks that have unopened minds are more truly impaired

If women are unequal objects built only for sex
Who cares if the baby is starving please cover your breasts
Don said he's famous enough to reach under her dress
Decency died on the cross next to Jesus I guess



(some extra scribbles for Rosanna, written on the one year mark)

The years spin lazily long
Every time I get to sing this song
It grows another flower on your grave
I still forget that you are gone
Fall asleep with the tv on
Silence always seems to show your face
God said son you can't prolong
Your crooked sense of what is right and wrong
Maybe he is in a better place
Though brokenness can make you strong
Brokenness is not where you belong
For all your lonely days

Oh, honey now I know
With all the beauty lost that love is worth it
Pull whoever you can close
Though every hand you hold you'll have to forfeit
Honey you're the reason love is worth it