Hospital Hymns


Why did my dog have to up and die
Sweet Lord it wasn't his time
Why are all the good people I know crying
God damn it I'm doing just fine

What is the doctor gonna find
When he drills a hole in my fathers spine
If the cancer doesn't kill you it'll take your pride
Sweet Lord we're all gonna die

I haven't spent any time with you
Singing hospital hymns in the waiting room
I'm the very last one to hear the news
Now there's nothing I could do

Cause death is a friend you can't refuse
Sweet Lord we're coming home soon
Mama I've got holes in all my shoes
Still plenty left to lose

Just read the old book it'll be alright
But the bible never gave me no peace of mind
All my prayer started tasting like little white lies
Everything is gonna be fine
Everything is gonna be fine
Honey, everything is gonna be fine

But women are masters of wasting time
And men rape everything in their sight
Together all we're good for is starting fights
Sweet Lord we're gonna burn in the fire

If this song is my final breath
If I'm killed by the cancer in her breast
Let me give what little I have left
And die an honest death



Our father who art in heaven
Why are you so far away
Cause I'd trade all my daily bread
For just a chance to hear you explain

What it is you meant when you said
It will be on earth as it is in heaven

Father please forgive me
For doubting the words that you say
It's just that I never felt much of anything
Whenever I've tried to pray

Were you being honest when you said
You would lead me out of temptation

Father yours be the glory
If you even have the strength
To use such a crooked person like me
To do more than damage your name

If your kingdom is really coming in the end
Let me be with you
Though I don't deserve to
Forever and ever, Amen



I've made a decent living off of others addictions
I'm paid in one dollar bills that have seen more than they should
Don't change, call what you're craving nothing but family tradition
I'll stay here till you've had more of her than ever you would

I've seen beautiful girls getting ready for a night on the tease
They seem so unafraid as they undress for corporate eyes
Nineteen, paying for college by showing her body to me
Really I'm no different, I pay my bills under neon lights

I've made a fool of myself on every corner of broadway
I've paid hundreds of travelers compliments I didn't mean
Don't change the thoughts that you think of me I promise I'm being safe
I'll stay here till you've forgotten her, and forgotten me over a drink

I've seen sick-looking girls in their high heels on red carpet aisles
They seem to carry themselves like they know what's waiting off stage
Their dreams to sing pretty songs got them nothing but porcelain smiles
Really I'm no different, the honest belong under neon lights

Everybody wants to give up
Begging for change with a styrofoam cup
Everybody's feeling unloved
So fucking tired of the world we've become



It's the quiet wind on the water
And the thundering stars up in the sky
The scorching forest fire
And a complex human eye
It's the sound of waves collapsing
Or a newborn's waking cry
The way new seeds float to the ground
Right where the old flowers die

I know you're there
I know you're watching
Though I don't feel you
And I don't live like I want to
You still care
Though Lord I'm prone to wander
I'm hardly listening

It's the red bird's stunning feathers
Or a horses unmatched strength
The way the rockies tower
And the canyons loom at length
There's one-hundred tiny feet
Under a hundred centipede legs
The sun and the moon twirl in a dance
Determining the days

I know you're there
I know you're watching
Though I don't feel you
And I don't live like I want to
You still care
Though Lord I'm prone to wander
I'm hardly listening

It's the way we're warned of winter
By the bloody autumn leaves
How all the ground is connected
By the roots under the trees
Through the violence of human nature
The earth is whispering
Soft, gentle, and Brilliant
Is my maker's love for me



Heaven is not a small town
Where everyone you see you already know
Heaven is not some white cloud
Where only rich republicans can go
If Jesus is not accepting
Of cheating spouses or those who think they're gay
Then Jesus when I come knocking
Is gonna turn me away

Cause I'm no better than they are
I've fallen just as far
Why do I judge other's sins
When I'm no different

Heaven is not a grand church
With open doors to those who do good deeds
Heaven is full of curse words
Where violent red blood spills on golden streets
If Jesus is really coming
To rescue everyone who loves him well
Then Jesus when I'm called up
Ought to damn me to hell

I'm wicked and I love the dark
I've doubted in my heart
That God would die so I could live
A life indifferent

Heaven is more like soft wind
A gentle waking breath for tired souls
Heaven is full of children
Who innocently love what they can't know
If Jesus and all his armies
Will come with fire and anger in their eyes
Jesus I'm so sorry for the way I lived my life

He says son be still, welcome home
I've loved you even so