I'll Be Here When the Moon Is Tired (Credits)

Zach Zinc, Alex Lunardelli, Brendan St. Gelais. The brains behind the operation.

Zach Zinc, Alex Lunardelli, Brendan St. Gelais. The brains behind the operation.


         When the moon rages, and the

ocean has her turn to be still

         would you meet me in that tranquil

night, and speak with me until

we are overcome by the great coincidence

Allowed to just exist

         hold my hand even when you


         Your rose pedal fingers delicate

as all of time itself       

         Balancing tempo like your sweet

song inside of a sea-shell

deep in your eyes there are


         but also nothingness

and the mystery of the

space between your thoughts

                   keeps me in orbit around

         you, peering into the vastness

I'll be here when the moon is tired.

In the chaos of the past calendar year, poetry has been my lifeline on several occasions. I wrote this one of many poems, as a series to help me navigate the pains of love ending, and beginning, and seeking to understand why.  Dylan Thomas's, In My Craft or Sullen Art  was the initial inspiration for this particular poem. It centers around the idea of the moon representing creativity, and passion at the expense of the author. Late nights giving into the craft, to the loneliness.  At the end, I can only hope to still maintain some sense of humanness, and connection.  These songs, and this year, has cost me tremendously.  It's with a heavy heart I release them to you at all, and I hope that in listening to them, you too will continue to strive to simply exist.  



This EP was recorded in 3 studio sessions at the Smoakstack May 27th-29th.  The songs came together at the tail end of a tumultuous year of touring, moving, suffering a significant back injury, and navigating the depths of loss and love.  I have never been more proud of a work I've created, and I am deeply indebted to the team that made it possible. The three men pictured above (top of page) are the core of this, and it truly would not have been possibly without them.

Brendan St. Gelais // Producer & Engineering
Zack Zinck // Engineering & Mixer
Alex Lunardelli // Arranger & Composer
Michael Zuch // Oboe
Katelyn Westergard // Violin
Cassie Shudak // Violin
Emily Nelson // Cello
Amy Helman // Viola
Julian Dente // Vocals & Electric Guitar (Ghost II)
Molly Bush // Vocals (Unable)
Andy Baxter // Vocals (Rosanna)
Kyle Jahnke // Vocals (Rosanna)
Liza Anne // Vocals (The Hollow in Retrospect)
Nick Johnston // Keys & Organs
Alicia St. Gelais // Management, Studio Mom, actual Saint
Jonathan Berlin // Mastering

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